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The view from the handlebars this morning looking along a stretch of the park.  I started a new routine this week following a great but bit intense ride with the Crankees this last Saturday doing the River Road from just below the GW and up to Alpine followed then on to route 9w and up to Piermont, NY and back.  The River Road had several good climbs which I needed.

Including riding home from our Upper West Side of Manhattan meeting point the ride was 52 miles which I felt a bit more spent afterwards.  Sunday I was going to make a rest day but decided to do 3 loops in the park.  I had been going with a pattern of ride day rest day but after doing those together I set on Monday to ride a bit before getting ready for work.  I was tight on time so I rode 1 loop.  I decided that perhaps at least during the weekdays that making a consistent loop a day baseline for my morning ride might be best as opposed to trying to fight my clock and squeeze in as many times around Prospect Park as I could which historically is what I have done aiming for 3+ each time.  My door to door distance (home a block away from the park) for 1 loop is 4.58 miles which I’ve done the last two mornings at 24 minutes.  Not anything to brag on but just an idea given morning time constraints at times that maybe a steady daily less/more as opposed to every other day and as much as I can.

Jumping back to Saturday here are a couple of pics from River Road.  It was really nice from standpoint of hardly any motor vehicles and quite bit of it shady which was good/not so good in that it rained the night before and there were some slippery spots at times with splotches of damp fallen leaves and debris albeit none bad just for me, cautious at times.  IMG_0412

As mentioned in my opening the road was fairly constant of rise fall and by end delivered several good hill climbs with one additional for me when I turned right when I should have gone left:)


IMG_0413We came out of the @15 mile (may be off here) near route 9w at Alpine, briefly stopped and discussed the rest of the ride on to Piermont.

Going to Piermont at this point is three fun downhills taking you to the entrance of Tallman State Park which a quite little country road leads you in to the quaint Hudson Valley town.

We rolled in to town, had a nice little break for some nourishment at the local coffee/muffin shop, made a group picture by a really big version of our nations flag and hit the road south to back to New York. Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 11.22.57 PM

A prologue shot along the Hudson River Park bike path as I entered the park to cycle down Manhattans west side and on to over the Brooklyn Bridge and home in Brooklyn.  I will add that in my current ‘cycling’ education I have been enjoying a couple of neat audio podcasts on the subject.  This one from the UK on Resonance FM which I highly recommend, the Bike Show with host Jack Thurston.








This blog is about my progress preparing for a cause based distance ride taking place in Tucson AZ on November 22, 2014.  The cause is to bring awareness and raise money for furthering of funding research work in finding a cure for type 1 diabetes.  The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International (JDRF) is the organization that I am riding for.  Each year JDRF hosts 7 cycling events across the USA between July and November.  Though my family and I have a history raising support for JDRF through their Walk for the Cure series this is the first year that my wife Ann and I are doing one of the Ride to Cure Diabetes events and we are most proud and excited to be taking part in.  You may donate to our participation in raising support for this cause by going to 2014 Tucson Ride to Cure Diabetes and helping to make Type 1 Type None!  Thanks very much.   Jim